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The following links are only listed for the convenience of other Kawai K5 K5m users, the owners are liable for their contents. If someone does not agree to be listed here please contact me using the email button to the left.
MANY of the links are outdated now use archive.org THE WAYBACK MACHINE for get the old content
  1. Excellent article of H.Gerdes at Amazona.de in german language
  2. Facebook K5 Group
  3. KAWAI K5 Sonicstate
  4. KAWAI US original download
  6. KAWAI GERMANY -SERVICE - now having a user forum
  7. Download from Kawai US the original K5 manual (PDF format)
  8. Stuff they didn't tell you in the Kawai K5 manual
  9. Holger Gerdes really good website about K5, translate with google i.e. and enjoy his worth reading text and knowledge
  10. Download german language K5 manual (PDF) at synthesizer.at (Thanks to Robert)
  11. An incredible site about Fourier Synthesis
  12. More about Fourier Synthesis
  13. Some interesting informations about Additive Synthesis
  14. Technical informations for K5 users
  15. sound demos at u2b
  16. More technical informations for K5 users
  17. Nice photo but no readable text
  18. DR.T's Kawai K5 Atari editor (at Dr.Tim Conrardy - CAGED ARTIST SERIES EDITORS, DR. T)
  19. Wavemaker program for ATARI
  20. Steem - The ultimate Atari ST Emulator. Freely available. For all who do not have an Atari ST
  21. good old ftp.ucsd.edu original patches cauldron
  22. Hans Nicander's 8 reasons why the good old K5 is better than the K5000
  23. -- and Hans Nicander's 3 reasons why the K5000 is better than the K5
  24. Vintagesynth Explorer
  25. More opinions from other K5 owners
  26. Kawai K5 and science
  27. www.midi-rakete.de - German site for backlights
  28. A look ahead where additive synthesis can lead to.
  29. Kattaplant - just Kattaplant

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